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Custom Process Models (CPM Series)
Meeting your unique training or engineering requirements

These models are designed to address the needs for specific training and engineering requirements. The CPM Series are designed to simulate specific units or areas of your plant.

Typical reasons for CPM Series requirements are new plant start-ups, complex processes, proprietary processes, and unit specific training. Unit specific training may be required because of operator experience, management's philosophy, or regulations like OSHA 1910.119, API RP-750, CMA-Process Safety Codes, Clean Air Act, and ISO 9000.

CPM Development Process

Design Data Requirements

The following information is required for CPM Series Development:

  1. PFD and/or P&ID's
  2. Operating Procedures
    • start-up, shut-down, emergency response
  3. Instrument Specifications
    • ranges, alarm limits, design setpoints
    • graphics, group and loop layouts, logic/interlocks
  4. Equipment Specifications
    • valve characteristics, pump and compressor curves, vessel dimensions
  5. Energy and Material Balances, Reaction Kinetics
    • flows, temperatures, compositions, pressures
  6. Special Considerations
    • alternate reactions, unusual response, training requirements

Client Involvement

The following client involvement is required for a completed Custom Process Model:

  1. Management generates the Secrecy Agreement for signing.
  2. Process Engineering generates only the PFD's and P&ID's so that Simtronics can generate the project scope and a fixed price proposal. The end user's (training, instructors, etc) may have some involvement in deciding on the project scope (which process units, controllers, etc. to include).
  3. Management issues the Purchase order.
  4. Process Engineering provides the rest of the Design Data Requirements.
  5. The client should have a SME (Subject Matter Expert) as a liaison to provide additional information as needed to the Simtronics Simulation Engineering Department.
  6. The client conducts the Custom Process Model Audit in conjunction with Simtronics. Typically SME's, operators, and training instructors are involved in the audit.