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DSS-100 Operator Displays
Alarm Summary Display

These displays show a complete list of all controllers and indicators that are in alarm. The TAG ID, PV, UNITS, DESCRIPTORS, ALARM STATE (high, low, acknowledged, or unacknowledged), and TIME OF ALARM are displayed for each instrument in the list.

'Clicking' with either mouse button on the TAG ID of an instrument in the list will acknowledge that alarm, change the current display to the detail for that instrument, and reset the current Group and Trend Display to the first one that instrument appears in. 'Clicking' with either mouse button anywhere else other than the TAG ID will select that instrument and acknowledge that alarm.

Regardless of the display that you are viewing, an audible beep will warn you that an instrument has gone into alarm. The CAPS LOCK LIGHT will flash when there is an unacknowledged alarm. It will stay on until all alarms in the system are cleared. The SCROLL LOCK LIGHT indicates whether the AUDIBLE ALARM is ENABLED. The SCROLL LOCK KEY DISABLES the AUDIBLE ALARM.

Process variables that are in low alarm will be displayed in blue. Process variables that are in high alarm will be displayed in red. Unacknowledged alarms will flash in either blue or red depending on their state.