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DSS-100 Operator Displays
Instrument Detail Display

The DETAIL display shows the Tuning and Configuration Parameters for the particular instrument selected. Tuning and Configuration Parameters as well as Setpoints, Outputs, and Controller Modes can be changed through keyboard entry or with the mouse. Setpoints, Outputs, and Tuning Parameters can be ramped with the keyboard or with the mouse. Setpoints and Outputs can also be changed by "clicking" and "dragging" with the mouse. In addition, a graph is displayed that traces the Setpoint, Process Variable, and Output.

Unlike the TREND displays, this data is not archived to the disk. This graphing feature is to aid in controller tuning. When the graph is filled from left to right the trace wraps around to the beginning. "Clicking" in the graph window clears the trace. Another DETAIL in the same GROUP may be selected by entering 1 through 8 or the "page up" and "page down" keys or "F1" through "F8".