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DSS-100 Operator Displays
Operator Logbook (Notes) Display

The NOTES displays allow the operator to enter a log of his actions or notes explaining his actions during a simulation run. These logs and notes allow the operator to communicate to the instructor his thought process during a startup or an exercise. They are also useful to the operator when diagnosing a fault or upset condition that cannot be corrected in the control room by an operator action.

These notes are standard ASCII text files and may be viewed and analyzed by the instructor with any ASCII text editor, or with the ASCII text editor provided by Simtronics.

Each Notepad file is marked with the Operator's Name, Process Model Name, and Exercise (Initial Condition) Name and Number.

To make an entry into the notepad simply begin typing. The first character of each notepad entry must be any printable character except 0 through 9. Subsequent characters may be any printable character including 0 through 9. At the instant the CARRIAGE RETURN (ENTER) key is struck, the entry is TIME STAMPED and becomes permanent. During an entry, if you make a mistake or change your mind, simply strike the BACKSPACE key until your entry is deleted.