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Emulated DCS Keyboard

Product Description

The Simtronics KBD-100 is an Emulated DCS Keyboard that allows you to supplement your QWERTY keyboard with one that more closely resembles those of several popular DCS Systems. Currently available templates include:

TDC-2000 TDC-3000 INFI 90

Centum CS I/A Series

The Emulated DCS Keyboard and your standard QWERTY keyboard can be used at the same time, emulating both operator station and engineering station functionality.


Through the use of removable keyboard templates (custom overlays), the KBD-100 allows your trainees to train with a keyboard interface that approaches the realism of the control room without the expense of actual control room hardware.

System Requirements

The Simtronics Emulated DCS Keyboard will work with any Windows-compatible PC with the Vista/7/8 Operating Systems without any other special hardware or software. The Emulated DCS Keyboard is a USB device and is very easy to use.