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Combining experience and the latest technology to deliver a proven, progressive, and exciting simulator system.
Company Overview

A heritage of innovation

Since 1992, SimtronicsĀ® has developed and delivered innovative Operator Training Simulators (OTS) for the Process Industries and the educational institutions that train Operators and Technicians. Simtronics brings extensive simulation and training experience together with the latest technology for a proven, progressive, and exciting simulator system.

The DSS-100: a unique combination of sophistication and ease

Highly sophisticated, yet easy to use, the Simtronics Dynamic Simulator System DSS-100 and generic Standard Process Models (SPM Series) library are unique among commercial simulators. The flexibility of the system makes it an ideal choice for all levels of training: from entry level or college degree programs all the way up to highly experienced incumbent operators. The DSS-100 can be easily configured to match the capabilities of virtually any level of trainee.

This functionality allows the simulator to be used more broadly (and therefore deliver more value) than other simulators on the market.

The DSS-100 is an interactive, dynamic, real-time process simulator. Easy to use, loaded with continuously upgraded features, and very affordable, the DSS-100 can meet your needs for student education and operator training and qualification.

In addition to our library of high fidelity Standard Process Models (SPM Series), Simtronics will work with you to develop Custom Process Models (CPM Series) particular to your site's requirements.

Our clients

From global petrochemical companies to process technology training institutes, our clients have chosen Simtronics to provide the most cost-effective solution to their training and simulation needs. Please contact Simtronics for a complete list of industrial or educational clients.

Meeting the demands of today's training environment

Disappearing training resources. "Sky's the limit" regulatory requirements. A decreasing work force. An upcoming PSM audit. The issues facing the process industry grow daily. One cost-effective answer is to automate your process operator training.

The Simtronics DSS-100 Dynamic Simulator System can help you meet your - and the government's - operator training requirements. Out of the box, the DSS-100 can be implemented immediately. You can start training and get results - fast.

Delivering cost-effective training

Training numerous operators on numerous process units can be expensive and time-consuming, especially on a high priced, direct connect, proprietary hardware/software simulator. With the Simtronics DSS-100 with Standard Process Models (SPM Series) and Custom Process Models (CPM Series), you can train the same number of operators for a fraction of the cost.

The DSS-100 runs on a network providing the right number of simulator stations for high throughput, offering a multitude of affordable process models, plus providing automatic scoring and record keeping-all running on your PC's. And best of all, the DSS-100 requires fewer resources (time, money, and people), giving you the power to train effectively.

Promoting competency assurance through performance-based training

The Simtronics PSU-100 Performance Scoring Utility is designed to quickly and easily analyze the performance of operator's skills in a process plant by setting Performance Standards and making sure trainees meet them. It provides an environment for the instructor to design exercises, design performance standards, and run skill performance reports.

The PSU-100 Report automatically analyzes operator performance against the performance standard and records a 0-100% score in 6 major skill areas. Overall Individual and Group scores are also recorded.

But the PSU-100 does much more. It also teaches individual operators how to improve their performance by creating side-by-side comparisons of their event logs to performance standards event logs, allowing trainees to see exactly where they deviated from the standard operating procedures.

Integrated network support

The DSS-100 software can run on a single machine or a peer to peer network. The Instructor Software loads a TCP/IP Server that provides all communication for the system. The Operator/Student Software provides all the Standard Process models (SPM Series). All data generated by individual simulator runs are stored on the central server. Classroom Data setup, Password setup, PSU-100 Report generation, and Operator/Student Monitoring are also available from the Instructor Software.