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High-fidelity solutions where trainees experience meaningful real-world scenarios.

A full line of products designed to meet
all of your simulator training needs

In addition to the DSS-100 Dynamic Process Simulator, you can choose from an extensive library of Standard Process Models (SPMs). Created with our state-of-the art modeling software, these SPMs constantly create dynamic composition profiles of all internal process phenomena. This includes liquid and vapor traffic, chemical composition and ongoing reactions, heat and mass balance, and thermodynamic equilibrium. Our software integrates the results and produces an accurate, real-time process model.

The PSU-100 Performance Scoring Utility provides the tools necessary to evaluate your student or employees knowledge and skills and meet competency assurance standards.

Expand the capability of your system or enhance the training experience by adding these products to your simulation training:

The KBD-100 Emulated DCS Keyboard adds to your learning environment by more closely emulating the operator's real world man-machine interface. Network features mean more than one person can be trained at the same time and on any network-connected PC in the plant.

Simtronics Custom Process Models (CPMs) are built to your specification, based on information provided by you to our engineering teams.