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Performance Scoring Utility

Simtronics PSU-100
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The PSU-100 is a set of Performance Scoring Utilities to help the instructor evaluate trainee performance and progress. The primary objective of the PSU-100 is to provide documented training results to help meet requirements of ISO 9000, API RP-750, and in particular OSHA 1910.119. But the PSU-100 does much more. It also teaches individual trainees how to improve their performance by creating side-by-side comparisons of their event logs to performance standards event logs, allowing trainees to see exactly where they deviated from the standard operating procedures.

The PSU-100:

Performance Standards

Performance Standards are integral to analyzing operator performance. The SPM Series have pre-recorded performance standards, or the instructor can record a new Performance Standard. To determine a trainee's score, their performance is compared to the selected Performance Standard.

Performance Analysis

The Simtronics PSU-100 analyzes the collected data for a trainee and/or a group of trainees. An analysis is performed on the data as compared to the performance standard. Scores are generated for the trainee for the following:

There is a set of data for each Initial Condition of each Process Model. There may be 40 Initial Conditions for Distillation. Each Initial Condition is an exercise; for example: design conditions with feed pump failure, cold start conditions with steam failure, intermediate conditions with upstream composition changes, etc. The DSS-100 automatically records and time-stamps every procedural move made by the trainee. This includes all trends and events, such as changing setpoints, acknowledging alarms, and tuning an instrument. The PSU-100 then analyzes this data and assigns an objective score based on the exercise's Performance Standard. This data is extensive, but simple and measurable.

System Advantages