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SPM Tank Series
SPM-110 Pump and Tank System

Process Description

The objective of the SPM-110 Pump and Tank System Process is to teach the fundamental principles of fluid flow and tank level control where water flow to the hold-up tank is controlled by a flow controller and water is pumped from the bottom of the tank by a centrifugal pump through a level control valve.

A basic tank and pump system, this loop demonstrates a non-self-regulating (integrating) process with a natural tendency to move away from equilibrium in a linear fashion.


In this non-self-regulating (integrating) process, water flow to the tank is controlled by flow controller FIC-301. The inlet block valves can be opened and closed with HV-301 and HV-302. Tank level is controlled by level controller LIC-301. The pumps can be started and stopped with the switches HS-301 and HS-302. The outlet flow is indicated by FI-302 and the outlet block valves can be opened and closed with HV-303 and HV-304.