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SPM Process Fundamental Series
SPM-610 Total Trainer

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Process Description

The objective of the SPM-610 Total Trainer is to teach the fundamental principles of controls and the use of a programmable logic controller (PLC) for four types of control loops - level, pressure, flow, and temperature. In the process there are two stream flows. In the first, fluid is pumped from a reservoir tank to a receiver tank by two parallel pumps. Both tanks are vented. A level control loop controls the fluid level in the receiver. A pressure control loop located between the tanks, downstream of the pumps, controls the fluid pressure into the receiver. A second side stream is pumped from the reservoir through a fixed wattage heater and then an air-cooled heat exchanger before entering the receiver tank. The loop is closed with the return of the fluid from the receiver to the reservoir.


A pressure valve (PV-101) and controller (PIC-101) are located between the reservoir and the receiver.

A flow valve (FV-101) and controller (FIC-101) are also located between the reservoir and the receiver.

The receiver tank level is maintained by a level valve (LV-101) and controller (LIC-101).

The side stream water temperature is indicated by TI-101 and controlled by a temperature valve (TV-101) and controller (TIC-101).

The pumps can be started and stopped with the switches HS-100A and HS-100B. Switch HS-101 controls the heater (E-101). Switch HS-102 controls the cooler (E-102).