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SPM Process Fundamental Series
SPM-910 Reboiler

Process Description

A thermosyphon type reboiler (E-401) heats the distillation column's (C-301) bottoms output to the optimum temperature and is returned to the distillation column's bottoms.

The remaining bottoms product is pumped (P-501/2) out of the distillation column (C-301) to a product storage facility.


The reboiler (E-401) is outfitted with a ThermOil supply temperature indicator (TI-401) and a ThermOil flow rate indicator (FI-401). ThermOil block valves can be opened and closed with switches HV-401 and HV-402. ThermOil flow is modulated by temperature controller TIC-501.

The distillation column (C-301) bottoms product line is outfitted with a composition analyzer (AI-501) and a bottoms product flow rate indicator (FI-501). Bottoms product flow rate is modulated by level controller LIC-301. Bottoms product block valves can be opened and closed with switches HV-501 and HV-502. Bottoms product pumps (P-501/2) can be started and stopped with switches HS-501 and HS-502.