SPM-1410 Steam Turbine

SPM-1410 Steam Turbine Black Catalog Image

Process Description

The SPM-1410 Steam Turbine Process Simulation represents a typical steam turbine used in a processing plant. High pressure steam flows through a block valve and into the turbine. Steam flows through nozzles and pushes against the rotor blades to drive the turbine. The exhausted steam flows through another block valve and into a steam recovery system.


The lube oil system is turned on with HS-120. PI-120 shows the pressure of the lube oil.

The steam enters the turbine through block valve HV-101 and the exhaust leaves through block valve HV-102. The steam temperature and pressure are indicated by TI-800 and PI-800.

The governor, SIC-100, measures the rotational speed of the turbine and manipulates the steam valves.