SPM-750 Advanced Distillation with Major Emergency Management (MEM)

Process Description

Simtronics’ Advanced Distillation with Major Emergency Management (MEM) is a full-scope process simulator of a compete distillation unit with tank farm, flare system and utility systems with added emergency management instrumentation and controls that permit training of response to serious problems such as fires, leaks and security breaches. A wide variety of scenarios are pre-configured on the simulator for realistic MEM training right “out of the box”. These include:

  • Storage tank leaks and fires
  • Pump seal failures and fires
  • Pipe leaks and fires in various parts of the process including associated pipe racks
  • Perimeter intrusion

In addition to the normal process instrumentation, controls and interlocks, the simulator includes functions to isolate various equipment and sections of the plant, depending on the nature of the emergency. This permits the operator to diagnose the nature of the emergency scenarios and to formulate and practice the appropriate response. This includes:

  • Activation of emergency isolation switches
  • Activation of fire suppression systems
  • Activation of emergency response notifications to the fire brigade, for shelter-in-place and for site evacuation

As with Simtronics’ base Advanced Distillation Simulator, a full range of operations can be practiced and mastered on the Advanced Distillation with Major Emergency Management simulator including startup, planned shutdown, emergency shutdown and equipment/instrumentation troubleshooting and recovery. Because the MEM simulator is full-scope process-wise, the simulator provides realistic feedback from the plant equipment in response to activation of any major emergency management functions. The simulator provides a rich set of faults to simulate nearly any emergency process conditions, including explosions.