SPM-800 Centrifugal Pump

SPM-800 Centrifugal Pump Black Catalog Image
SPM-800 Centrifugal Pump Black Catalog Image

Process Description

The SPM-800 Centrifugal Pump Process Simulation can be configured to pump any liquid by varying liquid density. Upstream and downstream pressures may also be varied. The default configuration pumps water from an atmospheric upstream pressure to an atmospheric downstream pressure.

Two pumps are provided. The pumps may be operated independently or in parallel.

A recirculation line is provided to maintain flow through the pumps in the event that the flow controller completely closes.


Each pump is outfitted with a START/STOP switch (HS-101 and HS-102), a speed controller (SIC-101 and SIC-102), a horsepower indicator (HP-101 and HP-102), and a pump efficiency indicator (EFF-101 and EFF-102).

At constant pump speed, flow may be controlled with flow controller FIC-101. In the event of a control valve failure, flow may be controlled by modulating the bypass valve HIC-101.

The recirculation flow (FI-102) is modulated by the pump discharge pressure regulator PIC-102.

Upstream and downstream pressures are indicated by PI-101 and PI-103 respectively.