SPM-7000 Hydrogen Plant w/PSA

Process Description

Simtronics’ SPM-7000 Hydrogen Plant produces hydrogen in a series of reactors:

  • hydrodesulfurizer to remove sulfur from light hydrocarbon feedgas.
  • pre-reformer to partially steam reform feedgas and feed steam to a mixture primarily containing H2, CO, CO2, H2O and CH4.
  • fired steam reformer to provide additional conversion of CH4 to H2, CO and CO2 and to provide the heat input for the reactions.
  • medium temperature shift (MTS) converter to convert most of the CO to CO2 and produce additional H2.

After the reaction section, the process gas is cooled and fed to a PSA unit to remove the residual concentrations of CO, CO2, and H2O in the process gas to produce a highly pure hydrogen product.

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