SPM-8500 Building Automation Systems

Process Description

Simtronics SPM-8500 Building Automation Systems simulator represents a typical mid-sized commercial building consisting of 2 occupied floors for commercial activity and a basement which contains the simulated building automation systems. The following systems are simulated:

HVAC System

  • Heating & cooling modes with flow & temperature control
  • Humidification with dewpoint control
  • Fresh air, exhaust with draft & CO2 controls
  • Filter monitoring
  • 2 occupied floors with 7 large rooms on each floor, each w/individual thermostats
  • HVAC equipment located in the basement.

Chilled Water System

  • 2 circulation pumps
  • Packaged chiller
  • Cooling tower

Hot Water System

  • 2 circulation pumps
  • 2 heat exchangers
  • 2 packaged boiler

Potable Water System

  • Booster pump
  • Filter
  • Reverse osmosis unit

Firefighting System

  • Smoke detection in each room & hall
  • Distributed firewater piping with valves & nozzles to each room & hall
  • Firewater tank
  • 2 firewater pumps
  • Pinpoint fire suppression control system

Entry Security Control

  • Alarming of suspected unauthorized entry at all doors
  • Motion detection alarming during off-hours

Interior Lighting Control

  • Monitoring of room and hall lighting
  • Automatic switching off of selected lights during off-hours.


  • Alarming of emergency calls
  • Alarming of equipment troubles and failures

Electrical Systems

  • Monitoring of voltage and power usage
  • Alarming of breaker switch opening

Outdoor Lighting Control

  • Automatic switching of exterior lights based on ambient sunlight intensity.
  • Manual switching on/off.

Outdoor Irrigation System

  • Automatic switching of irrigation based on time of day.
  • Manual switching on/off.

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