SPM-3070 Gas Terminal

Process Description

High pressure gas from production fields is fed to the Gas Terminal. Associated liquids in the raw gas feed are separated in a Slug Catcher which is specially designed to handle highly variable liquid rates in the feed gas. The gas from the Slug Catcher is sent to the Gas Separator to remove any entrained liquids. Most of the raw natural gas from the Gas Separator is metered and sent to a gas pipeline at battery limits. A portion of this gas is used as fuel gas in the terminal.

Liquids from the Slug Catcher and the Gas Separator are combined and depressured in the Condensate Separator which produces an off gas along with a stabilized liquid. The liquid is pumped, passed through a Mercury Removal Unit, metered and sent to a pipeline at battery limits. The off gas is sent to a gas recovery unit at battery limits

The simulated process also includes the fuel gas system, the flare system, the closed drain system including storage tanks and pumps, and the instrument air system.

A full range of operations can be practiced on the simulator including startup, shutdown, emergency shutdown and equipment/instrumentation troubleshooting and recovery.


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