SPM-3080 Oil Terminal

Process Description

Crude oil from production fields is fed to the Oil Terminal at high pressure. The oil is preheated and stabilized by flashing of lighter components at successively lower pressures and by removal of water in a series of three separators. Stabilized oil is sent to tanks and then pumped and metered into a pipeline at battery limits. Oil in the produced water is separated in the Oily Water Treating section. Crude oil can be diverted to the Slop Tank and pumped back for stabilization at a later time.

High pressure flash gas produced from the crude oil is cooled and sent to battery limits. Low pressure flash gas produced from the crude oil is compressed and cooled in the Vapor Recovery Unit and sent to battery limits. Liquid produced in the VRU is stabilized in the Condensate Recovery Unit, stored, pumped and metered before being remixed into the exported crude oil.

The simulated process also includes the fuel gas system, the hot oil system, the HP and LP flare systems, the closed drain system, and the instrument air system.

A full range of operations can be practiced on the simulator including startup, shutdown, emergency shutdown and equipment/instrumentation troubleshooting and recovery.

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