SPM-3420 Cascade LNG Plant

The feedstock is a lean raw natural gas containing about 92 vol% of methane. The levels of nitrogen and carbon dioxide are also relatively low. The generic process is a conventional cascade refrigeration process. The plant contains two equal capacity trains for gas processing, including treating to remove carbon dioxide and water. Liquid petroleum gases are separated into byproduct natural gasoline, mixed C3/C4 LPG and fuel gas in a single train unit. The fuel gas is consumed within the plant. The plant produces all its utilities.

The production concept uses two 50% liquefaction trains with gas turbines. The performance of the gas turbine is a key factor in establishing the LNG production rate. Waste heat is being recovered.

The nominal design capacity is based upon the median production capacities of future LNG plants. This led to using two steam turbines operating at full capacity.  No liquid expanders are used.

The process flow diagram of the LNG plant equipment is divided into five sections:

  • Amine Unit
  • Dryers and Mercury Removal
  • Liquefaction
  • LPG Fractionation
  • Heat Recovery System

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