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Standard Process Models (SPM Series)
Model Library

Our standard library includes models in both the English and Metric engineering units. The models are presented here in functional groups, however, you can mix and match models to meet your specific training requirements:

Process Fundamental Series

SPM-100 Tank System
SPM-110 Pump and Tank System Process
SPM-200 Pumping System
SPM-300 Mix Tank
SPM-310 Blending Tank
SPM-400 Heat Exchanger
SPM-500 Flash Tank
SPM-600 Unit Operations of Chemical Processing
SPM-610 Total Trainer
SPM-700 Distillation
SPM-800 Centrifugal Pump
SPM-900 Condenser
SPM-910 Reboiler

Utility Series

SPM-1000 Air Cooler
SPM-1010 Cooling Tower
SPM-1200 Natural Draft Fired Heater
SPM-1300 Reciprocating Compressor
SPM-1400 Centrifugal Compressor
SPM-1410 Steam Turbine
SPM-1500 Superheated Steam Boiler
SPM-1510 Advanced Utility Boiler

Instrumentation Series

SPM-1100 Instrumentation I - Process Characteristics
SPM-1600 Instrumentation II - Basic Control Concepts
SPM-1700 Instrumentation III - Multi-Element Control
SPM-1800 Instrumentation IV - pH Control
SPM-1900 Instrumentation V - 3-Element Boiler Feed Water Control

Refining Series

SPM-320 Oil Blending System
SPM-720 Advanced Distillation
SPM-730 Advanced Flare System
SPM-2400 Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU)
SPM-2500 Atmospheric Distillation Unit (ADU)
SPM-2600 Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU)
SPM-2700 Atmospheric/Vacuum Crude Units (ADU/VDU)
SPM-2800 Delayed Coking Unit
SPM-2900 Hydrodesulfurization Unit (HDS)
SPM-2910 Catalytic Reformer

Chemicals Series

SPM-2000 Batch Reactor
SPM-2010 Multipurpose Batch Reactor
SPM-2100 Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)
SPM-2110 CSTR with Tank Farm
SPM-2200 Tubular Reactor
SPM-2300 Fixed Bed Reactor



Power Generation Series

SPM-5000 Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)
SPM-5100 Steam Turbine with Generator
SPM-5110 Generator
SPM-5200 Gas Turbine with Generator
SPM-5300 Condenser with Cooling Tower
SPM-5400 Boiler Feedwater System (BFW)
SPM-5500 Thermal Power Plant
SPM-5600 Combined Cycle Power Plant

Upstream Series

SPM-3000 Gas Oil Separation Process
SPM-3010 Advanced GOSP
SPM-3020 Three Phase Separator
SPM-3030 Gas Dehydration Unit
SPM-3040 Advanced GOSP & Gas Dehydration Unit
SPM-3050 Tank Battery
SPM-3100 Amine Treating Unit
SPM-3200 Sulfur Recovery Unit
SPM-3300 Sulfur Plant
SPM-3400 LNG Plant
SPM-3520 Dew Point Control Unit (DPCU)
SPM-3800 GTL Plant

Midstream Series

SPM-3500 NGL Recovery Unit
SPM-3510 Turbo-Expander
SPM-3530 Gas Compression Plant
SPM-3600 LPG Unit
SPM-3700 NGL Plant
SPM-6500 Liquid Pipeline
SPM-6600 Gas Pipeline

Green Energy Series

SPM-4000 Biomass Fermentation
SPM-4100 Ethanol Distillation
SPM-4200 Ethanol Plant

Refrigeration Series

SPM-8000 Refrigerant Chiller
SPM-8010 Single State Refrigeration System
SPM-8020 Propane Refrigeration System
SPM-8030 Ammonia Refrigeration System

Water and Wastewater Series

SPM-6000 Multi-Stage Flash Evaporator (MSF)
SPM-6100 Reverse Osmosis Unit (RO)
SPM-6200 Potable Water Plant
SPM-6300 Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pharmaceutical Series

SPM-2010 Multipurpose Batch Reactor